21.8.2007 (Yallis): Slightly dis-deceased.

1.5.2005 (Yallis): A'hoy sailors! We're not dead, yet...

5.8.2003 (Yallis): Update! The RFFTool is released! Get it at the download page in zip/rar/rff/rfa. Remember to check out the readme file for usage and tips. If you're new to RSC modding check out our RSC reference. Chapter 1 is now avaiable in the RallisSport Challenge section. Go to for more.

14.7.2003 (Yallis): Ooops... We just cracked the Midnight Club 2 Ascii Mesh format. Go to the Midnight Club II section for more. Click to enlarge:

MC2 - Player car body mesh MC2 - Player car body wireframe MC2 - Player car body mesh

11.7.2003 (Yallis): Well, just added support for type 0 car meshes in our research tool. I have to show you some more screenshots of the beautiful detailed models. Go to the RalliSport Challenge section for more. I also added some info about Midnight Club II. Click to enlarge:

RSC - Astra interior RSC - A wheel!

10.7.2003 (Yallis): We've been offline some days due to a disk crash at our web host, but now we're back with a brand new website and some filthy knowledge. Check out these nasty screenshots from our test-tool. Pretty neat, huh? Go to the RalliSport Challenge section for more. Click to enlarge:

RSC - Beetle body mesh RSC - Astra body mesh RSC - Escort body mesh

8.7.2003 (Yallis): Got Midnight Club today. This game is great! Graphics aren't the best, but the gameplay rocks hard boiled arse. Looking forward to make mods to this awesome game.

Updates archive
29.06.2003 (Yallis): Tiny update on some file formats.
27.06.2003 (Eudoxos): Fixed some of Yallis' typos and concord mistakes, and stopped some of his impudence.
26.06.2003 (Yallis): Added more shait, styled up the file and prepared its relase to the public at
23.06.2003 (Yallis): Got my hands on Midtown Madness 3 and wrote some shait about the fileformats and uploaded it to my personal homepage.