Midnight Club II

Update 2: Filenames in archives are stored in 6-bit encoding (spec). Additional game content can be added by loading directly from a directory structure in the host filesystem to bypass archive injection, but cars and cities will still have to overwrite existing assets.

Update: We have not managed to crack the filename encoding, the game does not support custom archives and cars/cities are stored in fixed arrays. In other words very poor modding abilities, too bad for such a nice game engine.

We've just got this great game, but we are already working on the files used by the game. The biggest challenge at this moment is to figure out how the game identify files from the new .dat archives (lowercase "Dave"), since the filenames are scrambled. :-/
Files and paths are vital to find the directory strucutre that the game accepts. The game engine seem to read archives in old .dat (uppercase "DAVE") and .zip by the way. This have yet to be confirmed. The game doesn't scan the directory for new files, so we need to find a good way to put mods ingame.

The game use formats that have evolved from earlier Angel Studios (Rockstar San Diego) games, such as Midtown Madness 2, Midnight Club 1, and Smugglers Run 1 & 2. Examples are textures (.tex) and tuning files. All geometric formats are in ascii(!). The front end use .tga's and .bik's.

MC2 - Player car body mesh MC2 - Player car body wireframe MC2 - Player car body mesh

We'll be back with stuff and things... ;-)