Midtown Madness 3

Update 2: Get the Downloadable Live Content.

Update: This info is hopelessly outdated and won't be updated for a looooong while will never be updated.

The Knowledge Base is maintained by Yallis and Eudoxos and is created as a source for the (hopefully) upcoming MM3 mod community. The entire content is mostly based on vague theories and estimations of low integrity. It's mostly a pathetic draft written in a hurry after taking a slight peek at the content of the game DVD. Be aware of the numerous typos, but please expect more than this crap from our masterbrains. ;)

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29.06.03 - (Yallis) Tiny update on some file formats.
27.06.03 - (Eudoxos) Fixed some of Yallis' typos and concord mistakes, and stopped some of his impudence.
26.06.03 - (Yallis) Added more shait, styled up the file and prepared its relase to the public at CrapSuckingDogs.com.
23.06.03 - (Yallis) Got my hands on the game and wrote some shait about the fileformats and uploaded it to my personal homepage.

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Q: Can I help you in your quest for the inner secrets of Midtown Madness 3?
A: Sure, that would be great! Just drop us an e-mail.

Q: You are way too slow in your research!
A: The game is actually not avaiable in our region yet. Besides that we enjoy our summer holliday, are big fans of sleep, have jobs and a kind of life.

Q: TXT? It stinks more than Mazda!
A: Are you serious? Only .doc can suck on Mazda's level. Well, we'll move to HTML when it grows bigger. When we have enough crap to fill it with (pictures, tools, links to external sources etc). At this moment a single textfile serves its purpose excellent.

Q: HTML 2? Are you guys totally retarded?
A: Indeed, but also nostalgic. If you came to CSD to see impressive design, then hit your browser's Back button immediately. The look of our site is not what counts here, we provide info in a clean way. We're also 100% compatible with all HTTP fetchers that support HTML.

Q: Your English sucks even more than textfiles.
A: This FAQ mainly answers questions — not statements — but in this case we feel that we have to explain. We're just ordinary suckers and as this is the internet, we are not necessarily from an English-speaking country. English is not our mother tounge, but we're learning all the time. Please report stupid typos and maybe ask us some relevant questions too.

Q: Will you crack the fileformats used in Midnight Club 2?
A: We will at least make a try, but at this moment we are waiting for the PC version to be released since we don't have access to any consoles. We are excited about MC2 because it's from the maker of MM1 and MM2. It will indeed be a Midtown Madnesish experience.

Q: Where is the TRIALS game?
A: It sucked too much bandwidth, so our old host deleted my account and I'm to lazy too upload it again. It wasn't 100% legal anyway, but who cares? :)

Q: Did you come up with all these questions yourselves?
A: Yep.